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Here is what Hollaroo had to say on our recent partnership!

We are pleased to announce our latest partner - The 9 Month Club

As companies focus on engagement with those colleagues who are at an arm's length from the organisation, they are turning to Hollaroo to create a space and relationship that is driven by the person, in a way that is gentle and meaningful.

When organisations use Hollaroo as part of their employee engagement strategy, they now have access to partners that can provide the subject matter expertise to drive their engagement strategy forward.

The 9 Month Club provide wellbeing and engagement solutions specifically for working parents and especially those that are expecting their child(ren), or returning to the workplace after a period of maternity or paternity leave.

These are their thoughts on why this is important:

Firstly, it’s important to remember that the importance of any employee engagement can’t be overstated – employee engagement strategies have been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a higher rate, and make more profits. Most importantly, engaged employers are happier. When you’re engaged, you’re more enthusiastic and energetic about the work you are doing.

So it stands to reason that all organisations should have an employee engagement strategy in place. However, most of these strategies are very generic. You’ve probably implemented an employee feedback tool and started thinking about changing your engagement strategies to take into account the shift to remote work.

But have you thought about those employees who might not be present right now, or who might be going through significant life-changing events?

We’re talking about an engagement and wellbeing strategy specifically for expecting and new parents.

Did you know that 70% of first time parents admit that their work impacts on the timing of their first baby? Or that 69% of dads and 56% of mums are more likely to switch jobs once they have their first child?

Employee turnover will have a negative impact on an organisation’s performance. And as an average employee costs a UK business somewhere between £12,000 and £30,000 (on average) to replace, it goes without saying that creating engagement and wellbeing strategies for expecting, new and returning parents can reduce turnover and increase employee retention.

So, what’s important to expecting and new parents? For working women and men planning to build a family, there’s far more to consider than the traditional elements of health, marriage, home-ownership, and savings. At the top of today’s list is their employer.

Today’s generation of parents is determined to build families without postponing, deprioritising, or giving up on career ambitions. Yet they’re worried about careers post-baby, and they’d give up a lot (including money) for an employer that is family-friendly.

62.5% of your new and expecting parents are considering leaving and they are talented, motivated employees who will find another job if they do decide to leave.

Their engagement is now an employee attraction and retention priority.

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