Imagine going through the journey of being an expecting parent, then a new parent on parental leave and then a parent returning to work.

You'd think that something can be done better about the support available to parents at all stages of this journey, that maybe they can access specialist help, support and advice through their employer.

That's exactly what happened to Laura and Leanne - longtime friends and co-founders of the 9 Month Club.

Laura and Leanne knew that something needed to change, so they got themselves qualified, trained and certified in specialist areas of antenatal and postnatal support and now work with corporate clients to deliver this wellbeing support to employees through the delivery of classes, consultancy and one on one support and coaching.

Both being teachers for their entire careers, Laura and Leanne are passionate about delivering training in an easy-to-access and engaging format.

Our antenatal courses are certified by bumps2babies and accredited by FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) UK.

Our sleep consultancy services are accredited by the Open College Network and are OFSTED compliant

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