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The 9 Month Club has really helped us as parents with our baby’s sleeping pattern and the structure of her sleeping. I really struggled with the constant sleepless nights- it was really starting to impact my work. We can't thank the 9 Month Club enough. Their help gave us back our sleep and our ability to function - something very important in my job!


It was short and simple to understand and you were very helpful with the questions asked.


I now feel confident about weaning


Thank you


I would 100% recommend Leanne to anyone who needs help with their baby’s sleep routine. Her service is amazing and I don’t know what we would have done without the 2 weeks Whatsapp follow up. I never ever thought we’d have a baby who napped in the day and slept through the night but she did it! Trust the process!!!

The 9 month club really helped. They prepared me for the change - my confidence was  low at the time nervous if I could still do my job.. could I balance being a parent and my work life? it was great to hear about others experiences who had been in the exact same position and had experienced the same feelings -  and how they made the transition as seamless as possible. It really helped to get myself organised and reduced my anxiety making my return to work far more effective and positive - a win win for both the company and me!


Manager - Regulatory Change - International at American Express



Thank you so much for the really great weaning class. It was very informative and covered lots of different topics related to weaning my son.


It has been the perfect starting point to get me thinking about the process.


Thank you again.



Leanne was amazing when I couldn’t get my 5month old to sleep properly on a morning. She was clear and detailed with what I needed to do in order to get him sleeping for over an hour. Within a week I was seeing a change and after 14 days he is in a good routine of morning naps! She was so kind and always at the end of a phone (text or call) when I needed her! Definitely recommend!!!!

Verity - Deputy Headteacher – a secondary school in Hertfordshire

My husband and and I were really struggling. Being sleep deprived was having a really negative impact on both of us. I really wanted to return to the job that I loved but had no idea how I was going to manage being a good mum as well as being a productive member of staff. I can’t thank the 9 Month Club enough – they gave us back our sleep, our happy household and allowed me to have the time and confidence to apply for my promotion!


It was nice to listen to some key facts and tips as an introduction to weaning.


All the books out there can be overwhelming. It's hard to know where to start.


My baby was 9 months, had never slept through the night and only slept for short 30 minute naps in the day. We had tried everything we could to help him sleep and nothing seemed to be working. When we were put in touch with Leanne she instantly saw a few flaws in our routine and explained the science of sleep to help us understand the changes she was suggested we make. We started to implement the tweaked routine slowly and after 10 days we had already seen an improvement. Leanne is at the end of her phone every minute of every day, whenever I needed advice about what to do next and how to tackle the next nap. We are so pleased we contacted Leanne as I just couldn't face going back to work with no sleep!

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