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Online Antenatal Course

These online lessons prepare you for labour and for giving birth.  They discuss the various forms of pain relief, the stages of labour, aftercare and help to prepare you for bringing your baby home.



1 x  Good routines consultation

2 x Baby Sleep training consultations 

We provide good baby routines consultation from when the baby is 6 weeks old - this is to help the baby know the difference between day and night. From 12 weeks old we provide sleep training consultations to get the baby into a good sleeping pattern so parents can get a good night sleep themselves.


Weaning webinar

At 5 months we provide a weaning webinar to prepare new parents for this new chapter. We discuss how to start weaning and the difference between traditional and baby-led weaning and much more, so you feel confident about how to start your baby on solid food. 



2x Back to Work Transition Consultation 

We provide 2 back to work consultations  - one 6 weeks before and the second 2 weeks before the start date. This is to help talk through any issues/anxieties they may have and to help iron out any concerns or baby-related issues.


Through working with our clients throughout the year we help get their baby into a good routine so that they can come back to work well-rested and as a productive member of the team.