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Choosing a primary school during Covid-19

Choosing the right school for your child is a big deal. And especially doing it for the first time. Are the teachers good? Will she be happy there? The thing is this choice was made even harder for us this year as the COVID 19 pandemic made it impossible for us to go and actually see the schools.

Looking back at last year when some of my friends were choosing schools for their little ones; they could go and visit them and get a real feel for the school. They could see the children learning, interacting and playing. They could peek inside classrooms and see the different ways the children were learning. They could have one on one sessions with the teachers and could ask spur of the moment questions that they thought of whilst visiting the school.

Now this year, none of that is possible. It seems like one of the biggest decisions we will make for our children’s future is going to be based on virtual tours of schools and zoom sessions with many other families in the same call. But, it is what it is, and we need to do the best we can! I’d say that, whilst I haven’t been able to physically see the schools themselves, I am lucky that most have provided good virtual tours on their websites, allowing us a little snippet into school life.

The zoom sessions were actually quite interesting and actually listening to other parent’s questions to the teachers made me think about what is important when picking the right school. It’s not necessarily about what subjects will be taught and how much homework will they be given, rather learning about how the schools help children form relationships and feel safe and happy. How do they encourage children to learn in the best way that suits them? Do they spend time learning outside? What is the school's food like!?

These last few months during this crazy, difficult time has shown us more than ever that at the end of the day, wherever we choose to send our children, as long as they are happy and thriving, then that’s what is most important. Now we’ve made the decision and put in our application form there’s nothing else to do but wait and hope we get the school we want!!! Good luck everyone!

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