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Fed up of the nightly dummy runs?

Is your 3 year old still addicted and refusing to give it up? Thinking of getting rid of it but unsure how to go about it? Here are 3 of the best tried and tested ideas to getting rid of the dummy.

1. Cut the top off. When my son was almost 3, I explained to him that on his birthday the dummy would break and stop working. He was fully prepared for this to happen and because he was a “big boy” now he understood the dummy would miraculously break and cease to work. He sucked on it a couple of times realised it was broken and gave it to me to throw in the bin. Downside- they may still cry for a couple of days while they get used to the fact the dummy no longer works. Upside- I was not the bitchy mummy taking away his dummy, but rather he knew he was growing up and dummies don’t work for big boys.

2. The dummy fairy/Father Christmas. A good idea if your child can be easily bribed with a present that they think is better than a dummy! Every time they say they want it, you remind them that they have an amazing present left by the fairy or Father Xmas and that it’s sooo much better than their dummy. Downside- you might have to buy a pretty decent present! Upside- they understand the concept of a swap and get a present!

3. Cold turkey. Just simply make the decision and stick with it. It might take a few days of crying but then they will soon forget they even had it in the first place. Downside- you feel guilty for the few nights they scream the house down. Upside- after a few nights you will never have to see that dummy again and your child will not remember!

How did you get rid of the dummy?

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