Supporting Working Parents

What are companies missing?


There is more to the journey of parental leave than the number of weeks taken, KIT days and return to work dates. Companies forget about the parent’s well-being and the support that is needed throughout this challenging time.

How most companies deal with parental leave?


Today companies see parental leave as a legal requirement and at best companies perform it transactionally. Even “good” companies can fail on maternity /paternity leave.

What do the 9 Month Club offer?


At the 9 Month Club, we provide wellbeing services to parents entering and returning from parental leave.


We provide a supported step by step programme which maps the journey from the time you are expecting a baby all the way through until their return to work. We help support parents at pivotal stages during the first year and beyond. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Expert online antenatal classes for those who cannot attend their classes due to work commitments.

  • Baby routine and sleep support, vital to help parents gain a good night’s sleep, especially before coming back to work!

  • Weaning webinars offering support and advice during this exciting yet challenging time.

  • Back to work consultations to help talk through and relieve any issues or anxieties with regard to their baby or childcare.


Engaging the 9 Month Club allows your employees to have expert support throughout their maternity/paternity leave.

Why is it important?


Did you know that 69% of fathers and 56% of mothers are more likely to switch jobs after having their first child because the workplace is not living up to their expectations of support?

Engaging the 9 Month Club means that your working parents are supported through a menu of options designed to enhance the support you provide to parents, increase workforce productivity and reduce staff turnover.

Mother and Baby on Floor
Couple with Daughter